Monday, November 30, 2009

Welcome to EZ Motorbike of Lebanon

Here are pictures of the Q Matic box!!!!
complete Q Matic kit: $594. shipped to your door. (The suggested retail is $599. + shipping).
Drive box only ( for those of you who have kits with bad a tranny & don't need a complete kit) $279. shipped to your door.(The suggested retail is $269. + shipping). If you already have an engine, and are only looking for  a drive, these drives can adapt to many different engines.
I sell them cheaper because I don't charge for shipping. I just make less profit that way. Order today.
I'm an EZ Motorbike dealer from Lebanon, Pa.
You might know me on the motorbike forums
as "jbcruisin".
Our official website is:
Our dealer locator link is:

Here are some links to some other EZ sites:!contact

here's a youtube video of an EZ bike in action:

Here's a link to some motorized bike forums:

Visit it & check out what I truly believe is the
most reliable and fun motorized bicycle engine
kit available. My email address is: Contact me anytime about purchasing a kit or information about our kits.